Flash Effect Transition?


Is there any way I’m able to create a smooth flash effect that doesn’t become full lightness the second its starting frame comes? I just want it to start becoming light the frame it starts but not instantly full on. I want it to gradually become lighter and then go back and smoothly revert back to the original lightness in a small window of time to create the smooth flash effect. If this effect can be achieved in Shotcut and if so, I also want to know how to do it.


Is this the effect you’re trying to create?



Sauron - I remeber that clip! You posted it on this thread:
McScarfy, you may find that thread useful!
I produced the effect using the HTML Overlay feature, but sauron’s method is easier.


Jon, you have a very good memory.:smile:


LOL - oh yes, it was quite an entertaining thread! :laughing:


Yeah that was effect I tried to create. Sorry it took so long to respond