Fixing audio peaks?

Is there any way to fix audio peaks in Shotcut?

The “Compressor” filter works well for smoothing out short term audio peaks.

You might also want to look into the audio “Normalize” filters which are better at adjusting the overall audio loudness.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use both of those filters:


Thank you, I will give the compressor filter a whirl! It’s just short peaks I’m interested in.

Btw, if the audio is generally low or high I normally stay away from the Normalize filter and use Gain instead, what is the difference?

There are two normalize filters.

The “Two Pass” filter can only be applied to a clip. It will analyze the clip and then apply a fixed gain offset to the entire clip so that the the loudness of the entire clip is normalized to the desired loudness.

The “One Pass” filter can be applied to a clip or to a track. It will average the loudness over the configured time window and dynamically adjust the gain to “track” the desired loudness.

The “Gain” filter allows you to apply a gain offset, but it doesn’t give you any indication of how much the gain should be changed. You must adjust it “by ear”, or you can look at the audio meters to make a good guess.

For my personal workflow, I use three filters:

  1. First, I apply the gain filter to each clip get the clip within 5dB of my target loudness.
  2. Then I apply the “one pass normalize” filter to the track
  3. Then I apply the compressor filter to the track to smooth any peaks

Awesome advice mate! Thank you, and thank you for the swift response!