Final audio editing workflow question

I’d like to make adjustments to my audio in Audacity after the project is done, but before I’ve exported the final project.Here is what I’m thinking will happen:

  1. Export video file and then detach/remove all audio tracks in Shotcut
  2. Open the video file that was exported in step 1 in VLC Media Player to strip out the audio track.
  3. Export that to Audacity, make changes, then export file again.
  4. Import that file back into Shotcut as an audio track.
  5. Export as normal

I hope all of that makes sense. Does this seem like a sensible workflow? Is there a more efficient way to accomplish the same task? It would be nice to directly round trip an audio file from Shotcut to Audacity and then back again, but I don’t think that is a current feature. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.

Hi @RickS,
Instead of detach all audio tracks in Shotcut, you can export your file as mp3 or wave in the list at the left of the export’s settings. After that, you can modifiy your track in Audacity and export this file to replace it in Shotcut.

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Ah, that makes sense. I wasn’t aware that you could export as an audio only file. That would save step #2 in my sequence above. Otherwise, it looks like I’m on the right track. Thanks for the helpful feedback.

It’s even faster:
Audacity instantly converts entire movie clips to audio waveform as soon as you drag’n drop the movie file in the opended Audacity program. :smiley:

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Eh, only if Audacity can find the proper .dll file for ffmpeg. I’m having a heck of a time getting it to do just that. In the mean time, I can use VLC Player as a stepping stone.

I think your ideas so far are too complicated. Instead

  1. In Shotcut, with your project open, Export > Presets > WAV > Export File
  2. Wait for export job to complete
  3. Open exported WAV in Audacity and work on it
  4. Export WAV from Audacity
  5. Open Audacity’s WAV file in Shotcut and replace audio tracks with new file from Audacity while muting all video tracks.

Thanks. Yeah, I didn’t realize you could export the video just as an audio file, but doing so makes things a lot easier.

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