Filters not applied to the entire clip

I am montaging an underwater video for which I have 4 filters applied to each clip. For several clips the filters are applied to just a portion of the clip, and revert to the original, unfiltered video for the remainder. See an example below.

This is on linux (ubuntu 22.04), shotcut version 23.06.14. I tried removing and re-adding filters, to no avail. Any suggestions on how to get the filters to be applied to the entire clip consistently? Re-adding the clip is not really an option because it was trimmed and transitioned, and it appears in the middle of the timeline. The problem affects several clips out of ~100, and it shows in the timeline as well as in the rendered video. Thanks for any suggestions!

Are any of your filters using keyframes or filter trimming? The keyframes tab is hidden in your screenshot.

Can you narrow down exactly which filter(s) are having the problem? For example, it would be helpful to know if White balance is the only filter with the problem.

Hi Brian, thank you for your quick response! Right on the money! The keyframes for the affected clips stopped midway. I don’t know what caused that (I can’t think of anything I did differently, and none of the filters are temporal) but dragging the end keyframe to the end of the clip for all 4 filters solved the issue. Thank you!!

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