Filters help

Is there a tutorial explaining the use of the following filters:
Alpha channel: view
Alpha channel: adjusted
Chromakey: advanced
Thank you for your help

There is documentation for Alpha Channel Adjust.

Nothing yet for Alpha Channel View and Chroma Key.


Hello and thank you for your explanations, I must admit that they are complex for my knowledge of videos and photos.

Honestly, i can understand your problems :slight_smile:
I am used to alpha channels and masking as i worked a lot with Photoshop and 3d animation software that used masking and alpha channels. Its all more or less the same for different purpose as i understand it. It all tries to mask you special parts of a video and let other information through. Masking normally is done with black/white masks, the black blocks the information to go through. This can be vice versa by settings in the filter! The chroma key makes it more variable: you can choose the color (including threshold) that should be blocked. This was typically used for green screen masking: a person was sitting in front of a green wall, that was easily distinguishable from everything else the person was wearing, including hair and so on. Some prefer a blue screen instead. It should be a high contrast from the screen color to everything relevant. You have to try the filters and get used to them to see what works best for your purpose :slight_smile:

Hello Rilos videos,
Thank you for your additional information, I will improve my knowledge in this area using the various GIMP masks.

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