Filtering out certain sounds

I’m guessing the answer is no, because this is pretty advanced, but who knows that’s why I’m asking; is there a way to filter out certain sounds, that are of different db levels, so if I’m making a video and I’m talking with one of my friends, and then my dog starts barking loudly in the background, but all sounds are about the same db level is there a way to filter out the dog barking or no?

I’m afraid not. The best you could do would be to apply a compressor filter to turn down the volume during the loud barking. That would also result in the talking volume being reduced during the barking.

ok cool, this is also sort of the same question but since it has a different output there might be another answer, although I do think this would be done is Shotcut, I have a similar problem where when I finished recording in OBS I looked over the recording and I noticed that the game sounds were way too high, so like I said this is most likely done in Shotcut but if you also use OBS then id you know a way to take a current video and then turn down the game volume?

For OBS, I think some people have had best success recording microphone and game audio in separate tracks so that you can adjust the audio levels of each in Shotcut.

Some posts of interest:

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Ok cool, I will do that in the future! But is there even a way when its all recorded in one video and audio file to turn the desktop sounds off after recorded?

Unfortunately, no. If the microphone and game are recorded in the same audio track, then they can not be separated.

ok, cool thanks for the help though!

@Owen_Rocks_3 See this excellent video from Kevin Stratvert that shows how to do this (in the chapter at 1:39) along with lots of other useful OBS info, such as the “noise suppression” filter.

\The above video directly addresses this.

If you can post a 10-20 second of the clip, that would be great.

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