Filter video fade in and out don't work correct on stretched files in the timeline

This is a nice easy bug to reproduce and I’ve included a sample video of it in action. I’ve seen it occur with images file, but believe it can effect others types also

Step to reproduce:

  1. Add an image (example.png to the time line)
  2. Add the filter “Fade In Video” & “Fade out video”
  3. Adjust the start and end time of the image appearing in the timeline via dragging it. (For this example I suggest making the image appear 1 minute earlier and ending one minute later. via dragging it)
  4. Export the video

Observed result:
Shotcut will incorrectly keep the fade in and fade out, present as if the video was still at the same length it was in step 2, before the clip length was adjusted. Resulting in an incorrect fade in and/or fade out.

In this video clip the video fade out occurring too early in the text and picture layer, having adjusted the timeline:

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I can report the same problem. Added a image to a video track. It became a 4 sec video track clip. Stretched it to 13:19 sec and added Fade Out Video Filter. When playing back the timeline or exporting the video, no fade out were visible.
If I kept the same length of the image, the fade out video filter works as intended.

Copy’n’paste the image however many time you need to reach the duration you want then add the fade to the last copy?
Just a thought.

I have already done that and that works as a workaround, just wanted to confirm the bug.
Thx for the workaround tip, it might help someone.

OK, no worries.
But did you also know that applying the fade to an stretched/extended image via the corner throbber works just fine?

I reproduced it also with video clips. Easier workaround is to remove the filter and re-add it. Working on the fix now.

Somewhat disappointing to see this issue has been ignored for 3 months, until someone else comments. As a professional QA test I’ve have made the issue as clear as possible for the developers to understand. Not least because I went to the trouble of including a video to demo this issue.

Will be flagging all other bugs I have posted with no replies.

Sadly the easy work around becomes quite troublesome if it’s in a large video where you use the filter often.

We appreciate your feedback, but developers are under no obligations to frequent this forum or to fix the bugs you report. We are mainly part-time volunteers who spend more time looking at code than the forum.
This was fixed in v18.05.08 BTW.

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