Filter to equalise the audio volume

Hello people,

I recorded some videos into different volumes

How can I equalise to same volume as batch and not using one by one on mode try and catch

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

To equalize the volume on a track, use the “compressor” audio filter. With the correct setting of this filter, loud sounds will sound quieter and quiet sounds louder, the sound will be compressed. I also advise you to put a filter-limiter on the master channel so that the sound does not fly out beyond 0 dB and is not distorted.

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Hi @ConteudoAnimal
There is a part in this video where @Brian explains how to normalize the audio throughout an entire track:


Thanks for this MusicalBox, I was about to post a new thread on how to equalise audio level across all clips in a project timeline. The tutorial is helpful but I’m using 2-pass normalisation instead of 1-pass and haven’t found a way to apply 2-pass settings across multiple clips in a project. I can select all clips and then set up the 2-pass parameters but when I hit “Analyze”, it will only analyse the last clip I selected and then sit there. There are pulsing highights on the timeline edges indicating that Shotcut is busy with something but I’ve waited long enough to figure that SC has hung up. My wait time was certainly longer than if I did the normalise manually on all the segments. So, is there a way to apply a 2-pass Normalize across several (or all) clips in a project timeline?

It’s true the Normalize: Two pass can’t be used on a track head or on the Output.

Have you tried to export your project, import the resulting clip in a new project and then use the Normalize: Two pass filter?

By the way, does anyone know the difference between the two pass and the one pass filters (aside from the additional pass)? Is one better than the other? Or do we use one or the other depending on specific situations?

EDIT: Ok, I found this. It helps a lot :wink:

I will try … thanks for the response

Hey @MusicalBox

I checked the video … I add the filter to the track and not individual in each clip … I tried many configs and nothing happens I expected … making more tries and catch till I catch :slight_smile:

I feel Normalize: Two pass be added to track filter would be the best solution till this tool be implemented :slight_smile:

MusicalBox -

I’m looking to do the normalise in an efficient-as-possible way. Yes, doing an export and then doing the normalise on the resultant single file might work, but then I’d have to re-export it and that takes a lot of time, now having to do the export twice, and on the first export I’d want to do it to a lossless format which is really time consuming. I suspect also, that normalising on a file with step differences in audio level will only normalise to the section with the highest audio level and that’s not going to boost those sections with lower levels. I did try to do a Norm-1pass with a -15 dB. target across the original project timeline with all the various clips but when I did a Norm-2pass “Analyze” on the resultant it came up with a net loudness of -20 dB. I’m suspecting this to be due to the Norm-1pass doing its work relative to the loudest of the original set of clips.

So, many words to say that it’s really not working the way I’d like and am back to simply selecting each clip individually and marking them for a specific loudness 2-pass normalisation. It takes some extra time, but it does what I want only that I’d really like the ability to set the default target loudness to something different than what’s embedded in Shotcut. Thus my question again: Can the default loudness of a Normalize - 2 Pass be set to something different than the Shotcut developer’s default?

Only by editing the installed Shotcut file share/shotcut/qml/filters/audio_normalize_2p/ui.qml
around line 79 change
value: filter ? filter.getDouble('program') : 0
to simply
value: -12.3
or similar. You might also wish to change the value the reset button uses just below in line
onClicked: programSlider.value = -23


Thanks very much for this; it does the modification exactly as I was hoping for. I’ll just have to remember to make this mod as Shotcut updates are released. BTW, I’m using the portable version rather than the more customary Windows installation. Still works great without any issues after going portable more than a year ago.

Many thanks for this product, its continuing improvement and the user support.


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