Filter stack presets?

I find myself using several filters routinely. Within a shotcut session, it’s possible to copy the filter stack from one clip, and paste it onto a different clip. This works between different projects, too.

But there’s no persistence between shotcut sessions. Each time you start a new session of shotcut, you have to add the filters one-by-one.

It would be helpful to save a filter stack as a preset to be able to apply them quickly in a new shotcut session.


You can copy and past multiple filters from one clip to the other.

There is no filter stacking in that you can save multiple filters as a preset

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This is a good suggestion.
I would be using such a new feature in almost every new project.

You’re right. That’s why I put it in the Suggestion category :wink:

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:wink: sorry I missed it being in suggestion. It has been a suggested before but I don’t think it’s on the roadmap right now.

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I did suggest something similar last year. I got near zero reaction, aside from a few likes by forum members.


Je ne l’avais pas vu celle-la. Je pense aussi qu’elle serait d’une grande utilité.

I hadn’t seen this one. I also think it would be very useful.

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Great suggestion.

Maybe of interest: in this video I show how I use an empty mlt file as a “template” so that I can use the same filters on all my projects. Maybe you can adapt that somehow to your need.


Thanks for your suggestion with mlt.
But it could not use if I want to add it to other projects.