Filter Size, Position and Rotation for Proxies


During the realization of my last project I noticed that the filter “Rotate and Scale” was not compatible with the proxies technique if the proxy does not have the same resolution as the original file.

You can see all the details on this thread

The workaround is to apply the “Rotate” parameter (only this one) to the clip with the “Rotate and Scale” filter and then frame the image with “Size and Position” filter.

This is not very practical because the parameters are on 2 differents filters and cannot be displayed at the same time in the “Keyframes” window.

So I’ve been tinkering a new filter from the current “Size and Position” filter to add the “Rotation” parameter.

This filter does not replace the current “Size and position” filter as it only works in “Fill” mode. If you need the “Fit” and “Distort” modes, you must use the current filter.

I leave it to @shotcut to judge if it can be useful to integrate it in an official version (1), but I’m enclosing it in case some people might be interested. Unzip the folder and place it in the Shotcut filters folder.

Here’s a screenshot of the “Filter” window.

Capture Filtre

Here a copy of the “Keyframes” window where the “Position” and “Rotation” parameters appear at the same time.

(1) Not being a coding specialist, there are certainly some corrections to be made, I also don’t have the means to test it on other systems than my old Mac OS Capitan.

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This was integrated into version 20.9