Filter sets | TITLE: Reflected Text

For a long time now, I’ve had this Text Reflection animation on 2 tracks, plus the background, based on a Ben Espanto tutorial :
In @jonray’s topic : “Mirror” animated text title effect - utilising filter sets

the reply to @musicalBox:


:grin: I’ll look out for you on Spotify then … :rofl:
I’m now just waiting for you to tell me this can be done one ONE track. Just a matter of time. :wink: :smile:

was the trigger.

So here’s the Text Reflet filter set to place on a transparent clip of 8 seconds (minimum) for a project 1920x1080, 30fps.
Enter the text in uppercase into the 2 Text: Simple filters, and choose the same color for both.
The Size, Position & Rotate filter resizes and positions the text wherever you like.

EDIT: This title effect has been greatly improved with the help of MusicalBox. Many thanks to him. (1.3 KB)

  • How to install these effects:
    Open Shotcut > Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets folder
    Unzip the archive and drag the transition files into this folder. Then close and restart Shotcut.
    (For users of versions 2022.xx, open the files with a notepad; Select all, Copy. In Shotcut, paste into the filters tab of the selected transition).

Cool effect, @SergeC - thanks!

You’re welcome @jonray. Thanks for the feedback and the illustration
Je vous en prie @jonray. Merci pour le commentaire et l’exemple.

Bravo @SergeC !
This is a popular effect. Good job converting it to fit on one clip!

One question though. What was the frame rate of your project when you created the Filter Set?
You mention in your description to use it on an 8-second clip, but the entire animation takes only a bit more than 6 seconds in a 30fps project. It’s not a big deal in fact.
Better too long than too short (that’s what she said… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).
But it might affect the length/speed on the animation, depending on the frame rate used.
I’ll have to do some tests. I’m currently studying the filters you used in the Set.

Thank you @MusicalBox. You’re right. I made a mistake with the zone marker :upside_down_face:. Fixed…
Project 1920x1080-30fps.

Merci @MusicalBox. Vous avez raison. Je me suis trompé avec le marqueur de zone :upside_down_face: . Rectifié…
Projet 1920x1080-30fps.

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