Filter Mask: Simple Shape

Windows 11 – 22H2
Shotcut 23.05.21 or 23.05.18

Filter Mask: Simple Shape - Keyframes : Hold

If I choose keyframe type: Hold, the keyframes work as Linear.
If the file is opened with V22.12.21, the keys are indeed linear and more numerous than in V23.05.21.
I did not read any limitations in the release notes.

Did some testing i see the same result on position/size values, but on single values like rotation hold is working as expected

@TimLau. Thanks for your answer.

With V23.05.xx and the Mask: Simple shape filter, I still can’t create the animation word by word (keyframe type:Hold) The animation is still type:Linear.
With V 22.12.21, no problem. It works normally.
I did many tests.
The animation created with V22.12.21, then opened with V23.05.xx plays normally, but the text animation and the Size,Position rectangle are not synchronized.

You could use Linear keyframes.
Advance to the next word by moving to the next frame.

word mask.mlt (6.2 KB)

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@Hudson555x. Thanks a lot. :+1:
Totally focused on keyframe type: Hold, I hadn’t thought of this solution. How stupid! :cry:

This is fixed for the next version as well as changing a keyframe’s time position.

@shotcut. Great. Thanks for all your hard work with QT6 and everything else. Hats off to you. The ‘new’ Shotcut is awesome.

@shotcut. Super. Merci pour tout le travail effectué avec QT6 et tout le reste. Chapeau bas. Le ‘nouveau’ Shotcut est génial.

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