Filter End/Begin (keyframe) no effect on Tech: Rich filter

Bug with Filters > Video > Text: Rich
running on Windows 10, ShotCut 22.01.30
and the problem is reproduceable:


  1. use the Text: Rich filter, adds text (its okay)
  2. but when I add a key frame, and select Set Filter End - it doesn’t have an effect. Same happens with Set Filter Begin
  3. but if I then add a second Text: Rich filter and disable it (but take away the checkbox next it, the first Rich filter works).

Step 3 is a work-around but the problem is that it doesn’t work after step 2. If I is a normal Text: Simple filter. It works without the workaround.

This is not a bug.
You don’t need to set a keyframe to use Select Filter End. That is just filter trimming.
Deselect the filter to preview.


To add to what Hudson wrote, what you are seeing and using when the filter is selected is the editor. You need to deselect the filter somehow to turn off editor and see the effect on video. You found one way. Hudson showed you another way. There are more. And yeah not a bug.

Thank you @shotcut and @Hudson555x for very quick responses and good explanations. I see now that I not yet have fully understood keyframes and was using filter trimmering. Looks like I was doing it correctly, but wasn’t aware of the deselect filter functionality - and it wasn’t and still isn’t quite obvious for me that having the filter selected (on trimmered filter) would lead to result that the filter doesn’t have an effect until I deselect.

Again, thank you.

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