Filter doesn't work in cross-fade

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project which includes clips in upright format. Because I don’t want any black bars at the sides, I copied the clips and put them on second video track. I used the filters size and position and Gaussian Blur so it looks like that:

The problem is: The filters don’t work when the video fades in or out or when I use a cross-fade between two videos. So there are black bars at the side of the video again. As soon as the cross-fade is over, the filters work again. I really don’t know how to fix that. Can anyone here help me with that problem? It is really frustrating…
I also tried to use the filters for the cross-fade itself. Also doesn’t work…

Thank you for any ideas :slight_smile:

There is an easier way to accomplish the same thing.
Use Blur:Pad on just one video track. Then apply transition.


This is really a lot easier! Thank you so much! The transition works fine now :slight_smile:

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Hudson’s solution is quick and elegant … and yet another thing I had not yet learned that Shotcut can do!! But with regard to the approach you were using, I have noticed the same thing. I resolved the issue by cropping the portrait video to include just the video and none of the background; be sure to choose Transparent as the fill color.

My guess is that there is a bit of a bug here. The overlaid portrait video effectively has black bars on each side, which the software knows to mask out … but for some reason, that masking does not work when applying the transition. Using a crop filter (or a mask filter) lets you ensure that the area outside the portrait video is truly transparent.

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