File restore

This morning I was working on a project and suddenly discovered that an entire video track was missing. I closed the file and - stupidly - my fingers were faster than my brain and managed to click save.
Is there a way to restore the earlier version of the project file?
Would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


There is a powerful feature in Shotcut called Save As.

This allows you to save the current work with a new file name, leaving the previous version unchanged.

You could use it like this:

  • MyPillowIsLumpy May 5 0430.mlt
  • MyPillowIsLumpy May 5 0830.mlt
  • MyPillowIsLumpy June 23 1200.mlt

Or like this:

  • project01 v21.mlt
  • project01 v22.mlt
  • project01 v23.mlt

A few extra seconds saving hours of work is always a win.

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