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Hi, I am having issues reopening the project that I’ve been working on. I’m probably just going to have to start over…but I’d like to know what went wrong and how I can prevent this from happening bc this isn’t the first time this has happened to me! I’ve included the MLT file below:

closet-cleanout2.mlt (531.9 KB)

Your MLT file that you uploaded is not recoverable.

Read this:

As far as the file getting corrupted, there is nothing you could have done differently.

To protect yourself in the future, start using Save As. Save the file to two or three different file names as a backup.

This article may help.

You my need to turn off caching in windows.

Common reasons for a corrupt all-NUL file are an unexpected computer crash or a power outage, both of which mean a file didn’t have a chance to be written to disk. Disabling write cache can somewhat mitigate those issues, but it’s not guaranteed, plus there’s the side effect of slowing down overall system speed.

The most helpful thing is to frequently make backups of the MLT project file either with Save As in Shotcut or by Copy-Pasting the file in Windows Explorer (the pasted file will take the name “File - Copy (2/3/4/etc).mlt” for each new paste).

Getting a UPS battery backup is also very useful. It gives ample time to save work and shut down cleanly in the event of a power outage. All of my systems are on UPS.

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Oh okay, thank you!!

Good to know! Thank you so much!

Guys, please help. I’m new to this editing and spent a lot of hours on this. First I am trying to remove a text that suddenly appeared through out the video, I edited the MLT file with notepad. But I think I messed up. Appreciate anyone who can take a look at my file please. I am using version 20.09.13.HBD_LYMNE.mlt (68.1 KB)

You sure you didn’t just have a text filter on the Output track?

Here is your fixed file. HBD_LYMNE - fixed.mlt (68.1 KB)
I did not find a text appearing throughout; so, it appears you already removed that.

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