Fail to export my project

I am trying to export my project but it says “C:\Users…mp4. failed.” How can I solve this problem

Hi. I am supposing it’s a “Destination Folder” Problem where you’re directing to save, or may I also offer that an Exporting CPU which is ALSO “Multitasking” can result in undesirable corrupt files.
Old school rule of thumb is while exporting/burning to a verified location to LEAVE THE COMPUTER ALONE and let it finish it’s job. Any luck there??

This post may help you:

No, it doesn’t show any timeline. And if I try to export my project after changing resolution it export 2% and it stops

There is not a quick or easy answer to solve what you are experiencing.
It appears you are using Windows, with unknown computer specifications.
You have provided no details about your project.

In the tutorial, it is explained how you can save and load the Export Job Log to the forum.

What is the Shotcut version number? (Help, then About Shotcut)
What are your computer specifications?
Are all of the files on your computer?
What is your Video Mode set to? (Click on the Timeline - Output, then Properties)
What are your source video clips properties? (Click on each clip, then Properties)
Are your source video clips from a cell phone? If so, did Shotcut prompt you to convert them?
What filters did you use?
Did you change any settings in Export? If so, what did you change?
Are you running anti-virus programs? If so, does turning them off solve the problem?
Have you tried restarting your computer?

If you are using Windows there is a free screen capture tool called Snipping Tool. It should be already installed as it’s part of the operating system. This will help you capture screenshots to share with the forum.

A bit more advanced version of the Snipping Tool would be ShareX which is also free and highly recommended.

Hy, I’ve had the problem before. I don’t know where you have saved your files or want to save …?

For me the problem was the path length to the goal (or source) …
Then just saved on another place and shorter name eg. Then it went :slight_smile:

No, he is using windows 7. I can just notice by zooming the last pic he posted.

Btw, he can also use win Shift + Command + 3 to screenshot the screen.

No what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Snipping Tool is installed by default with Windows 7 through Windows 10, not sure about Windows 11 though. ShareX is available for Windows 7 through Windows 11.

The shortcut on Windows is the Print Screen key to capture (in the clip board) the entire screen and Alt + Print Screen keys to capture the active window.

There is no Command key on a Windows keyboard.

But for me, ShareX is the best option to capture any part of the screen I want. And you can quickly edit the resulting image with text, arrows, frames, highlights etc…


Now you tell me! I was still looking for that damn key. :crazy_face:

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Funny how Windows and Mac gave that key different names that almost mean the same thing.
Why not agree on one universal name?

EDIT hmm… ok, forget that… looks like there is also a Control key on Mac keyboards.

Oh! Sorry, I forgot he was using windows, you can also see the “win” before shift, I was to say windows key + prnt scrn, but I was disturbed in between by a zoom call, so I mistakenly wrote shortcut for a mac, because I am now used to it. No worry, I have the correct one in this post.

But still mac uses command as equivalent to the control key on windows. The control key on mac is primarily for ease at right clicking things.

I already know that, I was just telling that he doesn’t use win 10 (you wrote that he is using it), it’s clear in the screenshot by the aero theme.

I don’t actually understand what do you mean by “no what?”, is it a realization or else.

Not sure why this is an issue, lol, but ok. :rofl:
My suggestion is still solid for supplying information.

Either way, I hope the OP responds for more help and doesn’t feel we highjacked the post.

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Love that info you provided in the edit :heart::heart:

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