Fade out / Fade in to White


How do you change the Fade in / Fade out colour? I don’t want the fade out to be black, i want it white. How do you do that?


You can’t change colour, but you can fade out to transparent by unchecking the box in the fade filter properties.



You could create a blank frame of any color and do a lap dissolve to it. You might have to fade the audio separately if you want the audio to fade out.


Oh, you mean kind of like a Whoof! transition? : )

If you want to delve deeper into the subject there’s a discussion of a few ways to fade to white here:


Thanks, john_solo.

A technique I use is to put a white track on V1 (open>other>color) and have your main video fading in/out above it. As Steve said, make sure you check “adjust opacity instead of fade to black” on all fade in/outs. :slight_smile: