Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs at Start and End of Videos

I am a new user of Shotcut. I’ve spent an hour or so searching youtube for shotcut tutorials but have not had much success finding the basics. Here’s what I want to do:

Merge 3 short videos into one longer video.

Then add a fade-in from black at the start, and a fade-out to black at the end.

Once I get started I think I can hobble along until I get the hang of it. Can anybody suggest a link that will help me with this?

Thanks in advance…

Merging happens when you export/encode.

Either use the filters or adjust the throbbers manually
See https://forum.shotcut.org/uploads/default/original/1X/507f19a82325b684c422f67c58fbfab1492c49ab.pdf

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