External monitor "disappeared"

I have a multi-monitor setup and have use one of them as the player. I recently upgraded to version 23.07.29 and had to (as per usual) re-create my layout after the upgrade.

I don’t see the Settings > Player > External Monitor option anymore … does anyone know if it has moved (if so, where( or did something else happen to it? (or is it “just me” …?)


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Hi Brian … here are the answers:

  • Win 10
  • Shotcut 23.07.29 (as stated in post)
  • yes … problem is repeatable - in that the option simply isn’t there (see attached image)
    external monitor option missing

-GPU: AMD Radeon RX 570

…okay, I may just have found the answer (looked, but didn’t see before):

Drawbacks and Limitations

  • Settings > Player > External Monitor with a system monitor (not Blackmagic peripheral) is no longer available.

Is that it? - And is that a temporary bug, or permanent design decision? - If so (which would be sad), can you help me understand why? thanks a bunch

That is it for now and we don’t know yet about the future. The reason why is already given by the parent section from which you read that. I haven’t been able to get it working anymore after the major changes. Maybe you or someone else can figure it out. Meanwhile, there are still options already explained in linked posts.

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Thank you for letting me know.
I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the development so far - I have used Shotcut for a while now and really love what it has to offer. (I was just curious with the change/loss of feature THAT handy if there was some logic behind it - I will reread the other posts in detail … and hope that it will eventually reapprear again :+1:t3: … in the meantime, I will adjust my workflow accordingly). Thanks.

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