Exports overrides some of edits?


I’m on Windows 10, using Shotcut version 21.03.21. Let me know if there’s any other information that would be helpful.

I’m trying to put together a video from a couple different filming sessions.

I edited each “session” in its own project, cutting out dead air, mistakes, and graphics.

I then used “Open MLT XML As Clip” to combine each edited session into one project. When I watch the whole thing in the preview pane, it looks totally fine.

But when I export into H.264 Main Profile, it adds or removes a second or two from the ends of some of the sessions. It’s a little different each time I try exporting. It’s driving me absolutely insane.

My current plan is to export each session individually and then combine them as videos instead of project files, but maybe I’m missing an easier solution somewhere?

Are all of your project files have the same exact Video Mode?

Example: If you have one video mode at 25fps, another one at 60fps, then another 23.9702301, and your final project video mode is at 30fps, you’re going to get mixed results. Same with resolution size changes (16:9 to 4:3 to 1:1).

To use MLT XML files at clip, they all have to exactly the same video mode to the main project file.

If the project files were created with “Automatic” it adapts to the first file used, if video, it will use the exact FPS, even if it’s a variable frame rate, as Shotcut only renders to a constant frame rate. If one video has 30.000001, and another one 29.970000, those are close to 30fps, but they are not the same.

You could try the Covert on all source files to edit-friendly.

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Oh gosh, the frame rates are all different. What a disaster. Is there an easy way to make them the same? They’re all things like 29.970030 and 29.677000 fps.
When I try converting, as you suggested, it removes all my edits and keeps the same frame rate.

Unfortunately, as I have sadly discovered, one must go back and start over.

I am currently working through the redo of three years of videos.

I ended up exporting all of my edited clips to mp4s, creating a new project set to the right resolution and framerate, and imported the mp4s to there. There are a couple audio bumps, but it’ll do for my purposes since I’m on a tight timeline and have some flexibility with quality.

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Sort of.
Recently added to Shotcut is an advanced section to convert.
I have not used it, and I have not seen any tutorials on this feature yet.

I don’t see that many discussions in here about frame rate conversions. The bigger brains in here might be able to chime in and offer advice on frame rate conversions.

In that case, you can just let the different frame rates coexist and choose a Video Mode that is closest to the majority or the highest.

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