Exporting Issues

So I’m a small YouTuber, who posts clips of my newest twitch streams and YouTube videos. And what I’ll normally do is edit a small 60 second or less clip and format into this software I have to make it show a small facecam and the image on screen, anyways, after that I’ll bring it back to ShotCut and put some advertisment for my social medias on it, after that I export it into 1920/1080 60fps 9/16 aspect and 80% quality. After exporting, it should export to a 9/16 aspect ratio (so just the same size as a TikTok video or a phone video at that. But a lot of the time it’ll export with black bars on the sides, so that ends up messing with the actual uploading of the video to different places. I used to have a temporary fix where I would just quickly add a different clip to it, export it, delete that clip and add the right clip, and export it again, and it would be good. But now suddenly that doesn’t work. Also now, whenever I go to add a new file, it’ll reset my export settings, so that temp fix doesn’t work anymore. Does anybody know a way to export this clips without the black bars?

1920x1080 is 16:9 aspect ratio.
1080x1920 is 9:16 aspect radio.

If you’re after a vertical video, you need to set the Video Mode to Vertical, via the settings menu.
After the Video Mode is set, then you can bring in your clips, etc.


Ooooh, I see. That makes more sense now lol. But a quick question. Say I change that video mode to vertical, will I have to go and change it when I’m just editing a normal video? I’d assume I would, but just want to make sure.

You’ll have to switch video modes when you need to. Shotcut remembers what video mode you used last.

Alright good to know. Thanks for the help! Really saving me here lol.

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