Exported video not displaying video

I am running Shotcut 23.05.07 on Ubuntu 21.10.
I am editing a video clip which I filmed with my Samsung (Android) phone and which I wish to publish to YouTube.

When I export the video using the default options, the resulting mp4 only playes audio when I open it with VLC player or the default video player on Ubuntu. However, when I open the exported mp4 with Shotcut itself, it plays nicely. When I upload it to YouTube, the file is recognized.

I already did try to use the “Properties > Convert” trick explained here, but the results are still the same.

I have previously edited and successfully exported videos filmed with the same phone using the same computer.

How to solve that issue?

It turned out that the problem was solved if I disabled hardware encoder.

However, I have no clue why it worked.

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