Exported video look different from timeline. took 50 minute for 20 second video to export with huge filesize

Usually my pc would encode 20 minute video in 1.5-2.5 hour, and the video would come out exactly as I see on timeline.
Sometime my 20 minute video would take 25-30 hour and the file size would be ~20GB and the text would come out in black color instead of white as I have in timeline.

I have already updated shortcut to the latest 2 days ago but the problem is the same.
video with similar setting that went 15GB filesize and took 20 hour
Video that were good with similar setting

Today I trim everything to 22 second video and it took 1 hour to complete then the text are missing, filesize 10MB

I choose the youtube 1080* 60fps and the original video is also same.
Please help

Tell us more about your project: filters used, edits made to the clips etc. The more information you give (incl. Screenshots) the more precise the answer can be. For example: if you use lots of filters (and some filters are very demanding and time consuming like stabilizing filters or levels/gradients, sharpening) - as every single image has to be processed - it can take a lot of time. But what you report is really very unusual - 50 min. encoding for 20 sec. video? That sounds really odd - there must be something wrong in your settings i guess. Show us your video mode, project settings, filters e.g.

I redone the file not to use scrolling text and instead make gif now 15 minute video take 9 hour instead of 18 hour.
total 3 videos track and 1 audio track
track 1 no filter - 1 hour video 1 trim to 15 minute
track 2 size filter -18 minute video trim to 15 minute
track 3 size filter - 42 gif file ~1mb per picture
I include the screenshots
thank you

masalah shotcut.zip (4.0 MB)

Screenshots.zip (3.8 MB)
this expotk took 9hour for 15minute video 1080 60fpss which is same as source , l include filter used on it in the zip . it used to take 1.5 hour before this

  • What exactly is your Shotcut version? (Help → About Shotcut)
    • This is the version I think you have installed. Better to know for sure.

What are the specifications of your computer?

  • Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Data drives (M2.NVME, SSD, HDD) What is Shotcut installed on, and what type of drive is all of your media on for this project?
  • Anti-virus programs installed? Have you tried to whitelist Shotcut, or turn off all Anti-Virus programs?
  • While exporting, how hot is your CPU getting?

Now let’s look at your source video files.
I know these are proxy files created through Shotcut.
If you were to open Shotcut for a new project, open each original video file.

  • What does Shotcut show in the Properties area?

  • In your main project file, what is the Video Mode Resolution & Frame Rate? Click on Output, then Properties.

  • When you exported, did you change anything in Export → Advanced? If so, what did you change?

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