Export to playlist with filters

Hello everyone,
first of all: I’m happy to use this wonderful software!

I’ve discovered from this thread Export one Track that is possible to save to playlist cuts created using the timeline, this is fantastic!

If my timeline include a filter on master, exists a way to keep filters applied to timeline to clips saved in playlist?
Otherwhise, exists a way to apply all filters to timeline?

Thank you!


Any filter(s) on the master track will be applied to all the clips on all the tracks. Any filter(s) applied to a track will be applied to all the clips on that track. When you put the clips in the playlist, the filter(s) on the master or the tracks will not affect those clips.

You will need to apply whatever additional filters you want to each individual clip in the playlist…

You can copy the filter(s) on the master or video tracks, then open each playlist item and paste the filter to it.


Great suggestion!
I’ve copied and pasted track filter to clips and exported them to playlist.


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