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Hello everyone.
First of all, I’m sorry for my limited English.
My question is :
On the timeline I have divided a clip in a dozen of parts and I want to export each one in separate clips.
I have created a second track and it’s easy to place on it one of the parts to export.
But I failed in only exporting this second track.
What is the method to do so ?
If my method is wrong, what’s the good one to get the desired résult ?
Thank you for reading… and for answering.
Andrew Blanquer

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Hi Andrew,
Probably you could hide the first track with all clips on the left side of the timeline (the track where you have all your clips).
As result you should only have your secound track in the export, where you put your single clip.

One way to export each clip individually from the timeline is to do the following.

Select the clip you want press C to copy then click the source tab to copy the clip to the source viewer. Then drag and drop from the source viewer to the playlist or press the ‘+’ icon to add the clip to playlist. Repeat for other clips until you have all your clips in the playlist.

Then go to export, in the From drop down select Each Playlist Item. That will export each playlist item as a separate file.

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Hello Sauron.
Thank you for your very precise explanation!

Hello Fabian.
Thank you for your answer.
To hide the image and the sound of the second track (with the remaining parts) before exporting is a possible way to get the desired result.
But the exported clip includes long minutes of black and silent images which are to be cut after the export.
Nevertheless thank you for having tried to help me.

Andrew Blanquer

This does not happen if you use Playlist and export the playlist. However, you are using a timeline and clips start at certain points of the timeline as intended by design (all timelines work this way).

Yes !
This is the solution proposed by Sauron.
And I’ve adopted his solution, simple an elegant !

The post can be closed !

Thanks to all.

Andrew Blanquer