Export Speed

Why does it take almost THREE (3) Times as long as the video is to export?


That is a really open ended question, but it can depend on a LOT of things. The hardware you are using plays a huge role in exporting. The type of export you are using, and then, if you have a lot of filters being used can play a huge role. Another is, are you using GPU acceleration or CPU acceleration to export with. As basic as the projects I use shotcut for are, there are a lot of variables to consider in video editing. Please list your computer specs that you are using in a reply and also give us some details about your project and yourself. Are you new to this or are you a seasoned vet with lots of experience editing videos

Also, if you are using the latest version of Shotcut (20.04) then try switching on the Parallel Processing option on Export. In this version of Shotcut it is switched off by default.

We do not know your knowledge and experience, but video processing and compression is inherently slow. The parallel processing option may only improve things if you are using a lot of video effects (filters, transitions, and track blending). I found this good article on the Handbrake web site (a popular open source video conversion/compression tool):


Thanks for the reply. I add video and audio then click on export. Whatever The program software does after that I don’t have a clue.

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