Export shows to be complete however nothing has been exported

I have an issue with exporting the files. It says that the video has been exported however, I was unable to find anything in the file that I exported it to. I have tried to export videos that I have successfully exported in the past and gave me the same issue. On the Jobs tab it shows me that its complete which is done in like 2 seconds but when I go to find the actual exported video its not there. I’ve tried this a few times and reset the settings when exporting, unchecked parallel processing, redownloaded the software itself etc. However, I am still unable to export the video.

I have tried to add all the information that I could gather which could be useful.

Current Shotcut version: 20.09
Job Log: log.txt (975 Bytes)
XML: XML.txt (1.6 KB)
Screen shot of screen:

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Thank you in advance.

Hmm. Yes. This seems to be a problem:

I/O warning : failed to load external entity “C:/Windows/Temp/shotcut-oMbFSW.mlt”
Failed to load “C%3A%2FWindows%2FTemp%2Fshotcut-oMbFSW.mlt”
I/O warning : failed to load external entity “C:/Windows/Temp/shotcut-oMbFSW.mlt”
Failed to load “C%3A%2FWindows%2FTemp%2Fshotcut-oMbFSW.mlt”

When you start an export job, Shotcut creates a temporary file to store the export instructions. That temporary file is not working for some reason.

Some things you could try:

  1. Reboot and retry
  2. Open windows explorer, browse to C:/Windows/Temp/ and see if you are able to create files there.

We ran into a problem previously with the temp directory not writable (or strongly suspected as such). You can see in Util::writableTemporaryFile() that we try to determine if the system temporary directory is writable. If not, then it uses the folder of the export file instead, which is already checked for writable in Util::warnIfNotWritable(). It is possible that something broke here, but a quick code review and a test by changing the environment variable to something not writable shows it is working as intended.

I wonder if some people run something on their systems that aggressively cleans the temp directory. There are all sorts of anti-malware and system optimization software for Windows that does all sorts of adversarial stuff to applications. Shotcut does try to keep the temporary file locked by holding a QTemporaryFile object as long as the job still exists (as shown in the UI), and Windows has some pretty strong file locking. So, I think it should be protected as long as QTemporaryFile does the correct thing (we did not write it), of which I am fairly confident.

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