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new user says hello to the Shotcut community.

My first question is about the export seetings. If I choose e.g. the H.264 Baseline profile preset and click advanced, the other tab show some encoding parameters.
Is it possible to override those with own parameters and will Shotcut use them instead of the preset?

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Welcome @Curzon. I’m still finding my feet with SC, but no doubt the great bunch of people on here will be able to help you out with your question. Have fun!

Yes. Many parameters that would normally be passed on an ffmpeg command line can be put in the Other tab.

Can you define “many”? And will the presets be overwritten?

Those parameters are passed to FFmpeg. Things like color_range and pix_fmt and vprofile are all possible. Actual usage and availability depends on the specific containers and codecs used for the export. See the ffmpeg documentation for a full list of options.

The presets will not be overwritten with any changes. There is an option to create a new custom preset with whatever parameters are desired.

Beware of changing defaults unless you know what you are doing. It is possible to change these to values that are incompatible with each other and Shotcut will not necessarily realise this. You will then probably end up with a crash, or a blank video as the result of the export. Also doing this it is possible to produce videos that will play back in Shotcut, but not in some video players.

Thanks so far. I will check the documentation.

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