"Export selection" for rendering multiple clips per project

In Camtasia Studio, there was a really neat feature where you could highlight a certain selection of clips on the timeline and just export that selection instead of the entire project.

My use-case for Shotcut is to take a long clip of a series of conversations, cut them up by each sentence, then export each sentence into its own clip. As you can imagine this is obnoxious when you can only export an entire project.


Whereas if the pointer on the timeline had little buttons on either side to highlight a specific area on the timeline, then after you right-click on the highlighted area and clicked export, that would be way easier.

Hopefully you have an export() function or something so that this would be simple.

While there isn’t an option just yet for extracting a selection of more than one clip, have you tried the Extract Sub-Clip option? You can find it when you select a clip and go to its Properties tab. It’ll export a lossless copy of whatever clip you select on your timeline.

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Try this.

  1. Use the Copy timeline to source function

39%20AM .

  1. Then set in/out points.


Export the section.
Repeat step 2 as many times as you want until all the sections are exported.


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Also, some people have asked about exporting specific, single timeline clips. That is as easy and non-obvious as select the clip, Copy it (edit menu, shortcut, toolbar button, context menu), and select the clip in Export > From. Once you understand that Shotcut has 3 containers for media - Source, Playlist, and Timeline - and that you can copy between them and export from each of them; then these operations become more clear and obvious.

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It is very nice function for single clip Thank You

But it is not for multi clips :roll_eyes: