Choice for export


Today we have these choices for export:

  • Timeline
  • Playlist
  • Each item in the playlist
  • Source

Would it be possible to add this option?

  • Selected elements of the timeline
    (or timeline from “h1: m1: s1” to “h2: m2: s2”)

I tried to copy several clips from the timeline to the source, but only one is copied.

I’m not quite sure what you are asking for. Does this help? "Export selection" for rendering multiple clips per project

Yes, absolutely, thank you very much @Elusien

In fact, on a timeline of about twenty clips, I selected 3 clips for example and I clicked on the copy button (C key), but only the first is copied to the source, not the other 2.

But you could imagine that using my method, the entire timeline is copied to the source and the IN pointer is automatically placed at the start of clip 1 and the OUT at the end of clip 3

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