Export quality low

The quality of my Shotcut exported video is lower than the original quality.
I think it might be an issue with the export settings. I don’t change other export settings except FPS and resolution. I just changed the export resolution and FPS to the same as the source footage. Resolution (2004 × 1292). Frames/sec 50.44
Quality 55%.
My Shotcut is newest version 23.12.15.

You need to set the Video Mode before you start editing.
In your case, you’ll need to create a custom video mode.

This is a weird resolution and fps - probably variable. But anyway, if output quality is the only issue try upping the Quality to 60% (or higher, like 65-70%; never use 100%!). Keep in mind some quality will be lost simply by exporting the video so you need to decide if you want smaller filesize with a bit less quality or huge files.

@daniel47 he wrote “changed the export resolution” and that is almost always the wrong thing to do.

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