Export only parts of the playlist


I know there are the markers now available in Shotcut. However, they (unfortunately) only work with the timeline.

I have a playlist-only project and want to export only parts of it. I don’t find any easy possibility to do so. Is there any workaround for that?

Suggestion: Make the markers also possible for playlist-only projects. Currently, even if I play the project (and have the playhead somewhere in the middle of the project) the marker can only be created at 00:00:00.

BR, Ben

You can set In-Outs for each playlist item individually and exporting Playlist will only export the selected part.
Use “I” and “O” while playing the playlist video or drag the edges of the timeline of the playback area in the source player.

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I have a different use case.

Example: 30 playlist items of which I only want to export playlist items 17-25.

The only way to achieve this, is to temporarily put them on the timeline and export the timeline.

Would be cool if there is another way.

Temporarily remove the playlist items you do not want to include. I will not be adding markers for playlist because it will be very seldomly used and completely non-obvious how to use it.

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