Export only Parts of a Playlist-Project

I had another idea regarding Export only parts of the playlist

It would be great to add in the export section the possibility to select the “From” and “To” clip when Playlist is selected. In this case the playlist is exported from clip “From” to clip “To”. Just enter the number of the clip.

Example: I have currently over 900 clips in my project, so I could specify
From: Clip 850
To: Clip 900
Which exports only the last section I worked in.

Rather than exactly this, I could see it supporting selections: Selected Playlist Items.

Fine as well, would bring me also to the target.

Much better than always to save a copy and remove the not needed clips.

FYI, you do not need to save a copy to remove and export. To achieve the equivalent today, you can make a multi-selection of what you do not want, click - and then Export > From > Each Playlist Item. Considering the ease of doing this today, I might never add this.

Have not tried this out, but do I not then end up with a lot of files when using “Each Playist Item” (in my example - clip 850 to clip 900 - with 50 files)? I would like to export from the whole project only parts, but as one video file.

And removing several clips only for exporting is too risky for me. If I then accidentally save, everything is gone (ok, I have backups, but nevertheless).

Oh I misunderstood, same difference. Choose From > Playlist instead of each item. As for your concern you can use the new File > Backup and Save. I do not think you understand my usability goal with Shotcut is to not have a lot of options to read through, try to decipher, and to consider. If you can already do it today and the new feature would simply remove a short step or two, it’s not going in.

I understand your goal, I really do. But I also think options or functions should be added when they make sense and to provide consistency.

I see here an analogy with a writing program, like Microsoft Word or Libreoffice Writer. Nobody is asking there to remove pages when an user only wants to print a certain page. Instead, you can just specify the page.

Same here with the export of parts of a playlist-only project.

And with markers you have created a possibility to export only parts of a timeline project. Why not also for playlist project? I like your idea with the selected playlist items.