Export is stuck at 85%

  • Shotcut Version number: 20.04.12
  • Shotcut Settings
    • Video Mode: HD 1080p 30fps
    • Display Method: Automatic
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro build 18363 32 bit
  • Computer Specifications
    • Processor: Example: i7-7700k, 4.20GHz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical
    • Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 2GB
    • Available Physical Memory (RAM): 614MB

Quick Note: Before you start yelling that this doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, but I have exported about 30-40 video previously with this computer and all of them have exported successfully.

  • Screenshot of Shotcut

  • Export File Specifications

    • Export preset selected: Default
    • Entered Advanced: No
    • “Use hardware encoder” checked: No
  • MLT file
    [mlt file removed by user]

  • Log
    raw2log.txt (15.1 KB)

  • Did you watch all of the Tutorials?: Yes

  • Did you read the FAQ? (Frequently Answered Questions): Yes

  • Did you search the forum for your issue? Yes/No? Yes, but none of them helped.

  • Provide steps that anyone could follow to recreate the problem. I exported the project successfully 6 times between edits. When I completed editing, I exported it again, 7th time, but it gets stuck at 85%. I have waited for about 8 hours but it doesn’t get past that percentage. I have re-exported it 7 times but I get the same error. Also, my video is only 2:54 minutes long.

It is highly likely that the small amount of RAM is the problem. Try the techniques described in the last two responses of the following thread, to see if you can make more physical space available for the export:

To all the folks saying, lack of memory is no problem.
I did some calculations and went to the time around 85%. There was an element with ‘HTML Text’ filter applied to it. I removed that object and exported again. To no surprise, the export was successful.
Although it is a shame that Shotcut was not able to export that element.

Glad you got it sorted. But taking something away doesn’t prove it wasn’t a memory problem.

If I had a glass full to the brim with gin and tonic and then added an ice cube it would overflow. You could say the problem was that I added the ice cube. I would say that since I wanted a large gin and tonic with ice in it the problem was that the glass was too small.

If you added the HTML filter back in and exported using the technique Dan suggested in that link I gave and the export was successful it would more or less prove that the problem was a shortage of memory.

Lack of memory can be a problem for some projects but this isn’t the case with my project.
No matter how big glass you take, no one can stop water from flowing if the glass had a hole in it.

I copied the HTML code I had written. Removed the HTML filter and re-added it. Pasted the HTML code and exported the file again. And it exported successfully.
Probably there was some bug that time, not in the code since it worked this time.

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