Export in same quality


I’m editing some scenes from our wedding ceremonial from two cameras and I have two cameras, I’ve edited them both into a film of 30 minutes, but it’s crap quality when it gets exported. I’ve tried MPEG4 and lossless H.264, but it’s not as good as the original raw material. How do I export it to become as good quality as the original? I don’t really care about the file size. I think it was filmed in 4K. What settings should I export at?


You can try changing the rate control to constrained VBR, increase the Bitrate size, and set Quality to 100%

If you exported lossles H264 and still looks bad then you messed something up. Show us some screenshots with your project settings (properties panel after selecting the Output (top left corner of timeline)), export settings and what filters or effects you added to your clips.

Your original file is probably exported in H264 at some constant bitrate (usually something around 20Mbps for full HD / 40-50 Mbps for 4K but depends). You can use the View bitrate option (the bottom left menu in the properties panel with your clip selected) or properties in explorer to find out the original bitrate and export at constant bitrate that value + 20% so the result will be basically same quality.

You should be able to get the same quality as the source file using default export settings. Before we worry about export settings, what is your Video Mode set to?

The original material source is:
video quality and settings was already automatically set to the same as the source

This is the settings in Shotcut.

It was not filmed in 4k, it seems to be 1080p.

It is empty when I press properties.