Export from a directory


Could shotcut add export from a directory … to use Shotcut as media format converter like mp4 to mp3 and other option …

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It is already very easy to convert all files in a directory:

  1. Open a directory in Windows Explorer
  2. Type “Ctl-A” to select all clips
  3. Drag all clips to the Shotcut playlist
  4. Select a video mode in Shotcut
  5. Click on the Export tab
  6. Choose “From: Each Playlist Item”

The main thing that limits Shotcut as a simple batch converter or transcoder is how it uses a Video Mode. All items in the playlist will conform to it even when Video Mode is Automatic. With automatic, the video mode is determined from the clip that you first add to playlist or timeline. Then, all other exported playlist items will be made to conform to it. For some workflows this conversion of all playlist items to the video mode is desired but in others it is not.

I do this already … thanks for feedback

thx master

I would think that, for batch conversion, something like ffmpeg would be a better choice. Sure, Shotcut can do it, but you are bringing in all of the overhead of a full NLV editor when you don’t need it for that one task.

what is a NLV editor ?

“NLV editor” is an abbreviation of Non-Linear Video editor. From Wikipedia:

A non-linear editing system (NLE ) is a video editing (NLVE) program or application, or an audio editing (NLAE) digital audio workstation (DAW) system. These perform non-destructive editing on source material. The name is in contrast to 20th century methods of linear video editing and film editing.

I will search to know more as I know now what the acronical stands for !