Export frame with transparency (solved)

Am I mistaken or when exporting a frame as a .png file, is transparency not preserved? Is there a setting I missed? If transparency is not preserved, would it be difficult to change that?

Getting transparency on video in shotcut is possible by selecting a transparent preset, but I think it couldn’t be done with export frame as it just export the frame shown in the playback window without any transparency, but you could use a photo editor for that like gimp. There might be also a way but I think very less people know it or there isn’t a way.

If you have everything on V1, then yes, transparency on PNG frame export.

More than one track, Chroma Key Simple on Output, set to black.
Transparent multi-track. (Crop: Rectangle, Mask from File on V3. Mask from Shape on V2.)

Exported PNG from Shotcut with Chroma Key Simple set to black on Output.

Shotcut 21.05.18

I previously tried using Chroma Key Simple, though I couldn’t use black since there was black in the image so I used green (0x00FF00) but when I imported the image and removed the green, I realized there was a problem. There was a hint of green around the border between the image pixels and the erased background. I figure that will always be there due to the partial blending of image pixels and green background before the background is erased since my image didn’t have a hard edge.

Pretty much it’s not really possible with Shotcut to preserve transparency beyond video track 1, but with filter tricks, you can pull it off.

If you need to have green as a chroma key color, use Key Spill: Simple in addition to Chroma Key: Simple.

Exported frame with Key Spill: Simple.

Exported frame without Key Spill: Simple


Key spill!! Wow, I didn’t know that was there! Thanks, @Hudson555x !

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For some reason, the addition of Key Spill: Simple (when set to green) results in a red tinted image but (and I should have tried this earlier) when I removed Key Spill: Simple, but adjusted the Distance parameter in Chroma Key: Simple, I got a pretty good result. No visible green edge.

Thanks for the help. It prompted me to keep experimenting and fix my problem.

It does show red in the preview, but as you can see from the exported frame above, it’s not red. Default distance setting on Chroma Key filter.

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