Export frame rate 30fps or 29,970030

Hi everyone! I’ve got a simple question. I record all my clips using action cam in 60 fps. When I import clip to Shotcut and open proprieties, it shows frame rate 59,940060. I tend to slow down some of this clips twice so the output will be exported in 30 fps. And now I have some doubts. Should I set export frame rate as a 30fps or 29,970030 fps it this case? Or it doesn’t really matter because the difference is not even noticeable? Thanks for tips in advance :slight_smile:

It is best to not change the export frame rate in the advanced settings. If you do not change the export frame rate, it will default to match the Video Mode.

It is important to set the Video Mode before you begin the project. If you have a mix of frame rates in your source clips, then I recommend using a video mode with the highest framerate of your clips. In this case, it would be 60 fps.

In general, it is best to match the rate of your clips. So if your clips are 59.94, then set that in your video mode. But you are unlikely to notice a difference between 59.94 and 60.

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I learnt something new today - thank you @Seamair_pl :smiley:

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