Export frame at native resolution instead of Preview Scaling resolution

I’m having an issue where exporting an image is being exported at the preview scaling resolution instead of the project resolution. I found this thread with a workaround.

The developer then said it was fixed and the workaround is no longer needed. But that’s not the case for me, images are still being exported at preview scaling resolution.
I’m running version 22.12.21 on Linux.

I do not reproduce this. When I test using 22.12.21 on Linux, I get a full resolution image.

Are you using File->Export->Frame (or CTL-SHIFT-E)?

I’m using File->Export->Frame.
Sorry, it seems I was also changing other settings while testing this. I believe the quality difference was a result of changing Settings->Player->Interpolation.
Can you confirm if the player interpolation setting affects the quality of frame exports?

Shot in the dark here: turn off Proxy?

Yes. I believe that could affect it if your project resolution does not match the native source resolution. I"m glad you figured it out.

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