Export folder not the same

Hello everyone.
I’m not sure if this is a bug.
I noticed that the default folder in which the final video file is saved (using the export function) is that of the last export made (even if from another project).
I would expect it to be the same as the project folder.

In details:

  1. I open Shotcut and in the central “new project” pane I choose the folder where the files I intend to use in the project are located.
  2. I enter a name for my project
  3. I press “start” and start working.
  4. When, once editing is finished, I decide to export the final video, the default folder that appears when I press the “Export file” button is the same as the last saved project and not, as seems more logical to me, the one selected for the project.

Am I doing something wrong?

This is currently by design. It remembers the last path used for open, save, and export dialogs separately and uses the previous value. These values are saved in the Shotcut - Configuration Keys.
Your expectation is valid except when there is no saved project, of course. So, I moved this to a suggestion.

My personal workflow is that I never save my project exports to my project folder. I only put in my project folder the files needed to rebuild the project. Exports go to a different place where I store my curated media that I share, show, or replay. For example, all of my incoming media of any kind goes into a top-level unsorted folder. Then, I choose particular photos or video clips as favorites and put those under a top level folder named sorted. Regardless of the particulars, others might do similar. For example, the default folder for projects is the OS-defined Documents folder, after all its MLT XML format is considered a document format of sorts. And the default folder for Export in Shotcut is the OS-defined Videos or Movies folder.

I understand your logic, nevertheless it would be useful, in my opinion, to offer the possibility of choosing the project folder as a preferential folder for saving all the files of a project also including, for example, the related proxy files, so that if one wanted to move or delete a project, he/she could do it simply without having to look for files in various folders.
But I know well that pleasing everyone is impossible. Thank you for the impressive work you do. :slight_smile:

That is already available, but A) you must ensure that is on in Setting > Proxy > Storage > Use Project Folder and B) you must use the explicit project folder feature New Project > Start. I am not going to dump all of the proxies into your Home > Documents folder where MLT XML files save to by default!

Thank you. I need to study the documentation more thoroughly. :grimacing: