Export Fails! Tried alot Help 2020

I am trying to make a YouTube video but it keeps failing with the exit code as -1073741819

Well, this could be problem of your computer specs and if your computer has high specs than restart your computer than it should be alright.

And if restarting doesn’t helps than re-install shotcut.

And if re-installing can’t help feel free to ask me or whole shotcut community.

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When it fails, it reports a timecode for that job in the jobs panel. Go to that position in the timeline and see if you can find something to simplify. You can try to export certain portions, by using Timeline > menu > Copy Timeline to Source, mark In and Out points in the Source player, and Export.


This 100% works! Thanks, I just had to delete and redo a size posision and rotate filter!


For others who are reading that have failed export issues.


Well Hudson, From where do you find these great solutions? You give the best answers ever, I will clap for your solutions :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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