Export Fail error code 1

My export failed when it was almost complete. I am completely illiterate with computer codes etc and have just taught myself how to use shotcut so I have NO CLUE what the error codes mean. Can anyone interpret and give some insight/direction?


Some messages near the end of the log say

[chain avformat-novalidate] e:/Video Essential Series/Mod 10/Phone Videos/Phone Video 10.17.mp4
av_read_frame returned error -22 inside get_audio
[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 00000289ebda1c80] stream 0, offset 0x1425a1653: partial file

It means it is having trouble reading the file because maybe there is file corruption, or sometimes when running out of memory a program gives strange, unexpected errors. However, there are other messages like

[mp4 @ 00000289ebda2a40] Starting second pass: moving the moov atom to the beginning of the file


[libx264 @ 00000289e2efee00] frame I:1008 Avg QP:22.31 size:101160

That suggests even though the export program reports an error, the file it wrote might actually be OK! Try playing the export file.

I thought that too from something else i read and also because it was basically finished when it failed, but sadly…it won’t play.

Monitor your memory usage and use the tips in the below to try again with more memory available

Thank you I will try that. I thought I had done all of these things already since my module 5 video also previously failed so I have been reading and trying to implement these solutions. Maybe I didn’t cover them all for module 10 video…I’ll try again.

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