Export Error Code 1

I’ve downloaded projects without issue before but an having trouble now. I just updated to the latest version and can no longer export. I did a little googling and it seems that if I uncheck “parallel processing” it may solve my problem however I don’t have that option. Has the option been moved or removed? I have a feeling it may solve my problem.

I’m only partially way though this project and wanted to show the beginning to the person I’m creating it for.
I don’t want to go a step further unless I know I can export it.

Help! and thanks!

When you say “latest version” what version is it specifically? Also, can you be more specific about your project? Please read this to know what details to give when requesting help.

Thanks for responding
Here is what I can tell you. I’m a new user and they won’t let me add a screenshot or drag the MLT file in but this should be everything.

I have Shotcut version 18.10.08 however when look for updates it says I have the latest version

GPU Efx: off
Video Mode: Automatic
Display Method : Direct X
audio Channels: Stereo

Windows 7 Professional
Intel Core TM i5-4300M CPU @2.60GHz 2.60 GHz
Installed Memory 4 GB
Available Memory 3.22 GB

Source files are PNG & JPG

Export Specification
Resolution 512 x 512
Aspect Ratio 512 x 512
Frames/sec 60
Scan Progressive

codec libx264
rate control quality based VBR
quality 60%
GOP 300 frames
B frames 3
codec threads 0

channels 2
sample rate 48000
codec aac
rate control average bit rate
bitrate 384k

If you need the programming info from the error notice I can paste that too bit it’s ALOT.

Just put that into a txt file and upload the text file (drag/drop into the reply window here). Or paste it here, highlight what you pasted, then do this:


Where it says “Summary” you can change that what you want it to say. It just provides a drop down choice to see all of what you highlighted.

You’re probably on the bottom end of the technical spectrum for having Shotcut work at all with just 4gb of memory installed. It’s hard to imagine Windows 7 running on less than 1gb of memory.

I’d be interested in know what the source file specifications are. When you leave the video mode on automatic, that video mode is set to the first file you import into your project.

You may have to start over again by making a custom Video Mode for your 512x512 video, then import your video sources.


If Export > Parallel Processing is missing then you are using the 32-bit version, which already turns it off to reduce memory usage. As @Hudson555x suggested, you might be running into memory limitations because the project was made at a higher resolution than what you are exporting. Also, when an export job fails, it reports the last successful timecode. You can look in your timeline for something shortly after that timecode for something complicated that might be causing a problem and then try to remove it temporarily to see if it helps.

It failed at 00:00 I will try to create a custom video mode and start from scratch and see if that works. Thanks for your help.

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