Export corrupts size position keyframe

I use rotate / scale and size/position keyframes to expand a .jpg image to fill the viewer. It does exactly what I expect running the .mlt in Shotcut 20.04.12. But when I export, the image expands, but shifts the image to the right and crops it.

I’ve used keyframes on these filters before with no problem. In fact, an earlier rendition of this scene worked fine. Now it doesn’t.scene02final.mlt (19.9 KB)

This is a critical scene in my lecture. I don’t know how to adjust my keyframe parameters to compensate.

Try the version just released this week 20.06.28 and see if you experience the same issue: https://shotcut.org/blog/new-release-200628/

Are you using PreviewScaling?
If so, set the seeker over that part and switch from any PreviewScaling to None and see if there is anything changing…

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I see you are using both at the same time for the same purpose: changing the size and position. You are not using any rotation in the Rotate and Scale filter. I suggest to remove that one and use only Size and Position.

@DRM @Earlybite @shotcut Thanks guys. What great response. I give these a try.