Export a track to another project

Good afternoon,
Sorry if my question is already answered in another comment, but I can’t find it.
Is it possible to copy only one track, with images and transitions already created, from one project to another?
Thank you very much

Attached image.

  1. Save current project
  2. Save As - Choose new file name
  3. Delete tracks/edit as needed
  4. Save or Save As
  5. Open new or existing project then do shotcut_2021-01-31_11-11-00

How to work with XML clips are covered in this tutorial:


Thank you very much @Hudson555x , but what I want is to export the clips and their transitions, so that I can modify or edit them. With this export, what I do is to export it in a single clip and this is not what I want.
Anyway, thank you.

I’m hopping item 3 on the the developers Road Map might allow to do that.


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