Expiring Cache

Hace varios dias vengo usando shotcut,pero el dia de ayer 18/11/21 cuando quise abrirlo me sale este mensaje:expiring cache y no me abre el programa,he intentado buscar respuestas pero ha sido imposible,no tengo mucho conocimiento de estos programas y solo estoy tratando de aprender para ayudarme en mi economia.Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de leer y contestar.

I have been using shotcut for several days, but yesterday 11/18/21 when I wanted to open it I got this message: expiring cache and it does not open the program, I have tried to find answers but it has been impossible, I do not have much knowledge of these programs and I’m just trying to learn to help me in my economy. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer.

When reporting a problem you should at the least provide the version of Shotcut, what your system specifications are: memory size, CPU type, number of cores, cpu speed and what operating system you are using.

If you are not using the latest version of Shotcut, downloaded from the official website here: Shotcut - Download, you could try using that version. See here for the reason why:

Try again after rebooting your computer.

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