Exiting With Error Code -1073741819

Trying to export a video and it fails exiting with error code -1073741819. People say to look around the timecode that the failed export provides you but I don’t see a timecode. Please help! I need his video by tomorrow and it is stressing me out!

Have you read this thread?

I just looked in the error log and I do not see a current frame so I cannot go and check where that is. I am trying exporting lossless/h.264 instead of h.264 main profile.
errorlog.txt (331.4 KB)

Does this method in this video help you at all?

So it exported finally but when I went to watch it there was no video, only audio

When I watch it with my video player there is no video but when I open in shotcut it is fine

Should I switch the codec from lib?

Did you have the hardware encoder on in Export?


How did you get it to export? Did you follow the video I linked to above?

I used the lossless h.264 preset with a blank video track. Should I try it again?

If you’re going to try again try with another export preset. Like try it with another lossless preset or try with one of the h.264 high preset. See if it still comes out the same way with no video.

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