Erasmus first video ever in Shotcut!

Hi guys,
I am a newbie to shotcut. This is my first video created for my Erasmus exchange in Germany. Could you please share your advice and opinion how to improve my first video. I know that text is too small, I did not know how to change that, because in the preview it was showing with a good size, and then I exported and this happened. Thank you very much!


That is fantastic!

I want to know exactly how you made the video-in-phone scene in 1:05-1:07.

I have been envisioning such a scene for a video-in-video that I am currently making.

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Thanks! This is a green screen (red actually ;)). I just displayed a red colour on my phone screen and then applied a filter on it called ‘chromakey’ and another video as a lower layer.

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Well done. I like the choice of music and the timing of the cuts. I like the creative transitions as well. You seem to have made good use of Shotcut.

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I was tentatively planning on using Size, Position, Rotate in Distort mode to match to my screen, because then I need the video to dynamically stretch out and fill the entire screen.

I had not thought of displaying a blank chromakey-green screen on my device.

It’s a “let’s watch this video together” transition.

I know Chromakey; here is one I am currently working on.

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Amazing job! It’s hard to believe this is your first video. You definitely have that cinematic eye. Your use of in-camera transitions is very creative. You obviously planned out some shots knowing you will use those effects later.

A couple of nit-picks but nothing major:

  • When you slowed down the fountain shot at 00:35, you probably didn’t have enough frames to slow it down that slow which ended up juddery.
  • The wipe transition at 00:53, you could’ve waited a little longer until the wipe went all the way across the screen before you blacked it out.

Overall, this is amazing work. Way better than my first try on Shotcut. You have the fundamentals down pat.


Your technical mastery is solid! I like how your transitions actually support the mood, music, and story rather than create a glitzy distraction.

My only thought is at the story level… What exactly do you want the audience to think or feel in response to seeing this? If it’s a whimsical tour of a new world, then you’ve succeeded. If you wanted to convey specific emotion like happiness, fear, delight, anxiety, etc, none of those appeared thematic enough to me to suggest an overall arc or story. This seemed more of a random overview than a detailed event. You don’t need a specific story of course. But with your technical skills, you could tell a great one. Then the audience has something more specific to remember, or think about, or consider doing themselves.

Forum member @scellycraftyt used the Corner Pin filter to track markers on a wall to create an augmented reality simulation. The same thing could be done with the four corners of a red phone screen to simulate a zoom-in. Then the incoming video actually fits inside the phone screen correctly.


You have the talent, the imagination. Well done.
I liked the music, the transition effects (which look so natural that they don’t disturb), the framing and the length.

About the story behind the video, I guess sharing the Erasmus experience with others is the connection.

My point of view to improve:
The moment with the computer looks like some washed out colours (haze), or with little contrast (maybe that was the feeling you wanted to convey of sobriety, of working indoors).
The text, as you said, is very small, so before uploading the final version to share, check the exported video to make sure it matches the Shotcut preview.
And like the other colleagues, I agree that it’s a great start in Shotcut. :star_struck:

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Fantastic first attempt. Those transitions all work very well and the “video-in-video” clip was very well done and a stroke of genius. Keep up the good work and please share with the community other videos you make.


Very impressive especially as you claim to be a newbie to Shotcut. Great structure in your shots, planned transitions, pace and audio. Superb. Would love to see you continue to grow and develop in your filmmaking. Please continue to share your work here on the forum. Well done :clap:

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Thank you everyone! I appreciate your opinions and I will correct things that you mentioned. It is always encouraging to hear some compliments especially since I started literally two weeks ago and had nothing more than an old Iphone and no editing knowledge :smiley: so thanks! I will be improving!


Congratulations, especially if you started only 2 weeks ago.

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I used the same technique here when corner pin first came out. It’s terrible execution, but can be done better

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