Equirectangular to Stereographic for circle text

Equirectangular to Stereographic is like Photoshop’s polar coordinate filter
we can use it for put a text in circle

with a simple color and crop rectangle we can made a “loading circle”

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Excellent @Kamigeek

This reminds me of a little challenge we had here last year on the forum:

Also, the 360 filters can be used to create all sorts of cool effects.
Some examples here:

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Bonjour Kamigeek, super ce tuto, Merci, Cordialement

It’s really bizarre naming imo.

I’ve done a reasonable amount of Mathematics in the past but who would guess that “Equirectangular” would be for making circles?

“Equirectangular” would imply making squares and rectangles not circular objects… and stereo-graphic implies getting two circles and not one, but oh well.